We are in a crisis of democracy and the office of the Secretary of the State has never been more important. Matt has been focused on voting and democracy issues for as long as he has been in the legislature, and all of the other issues we fight for, from worker's rights to health care and much more, all require a strong and vibrant people-driven government.

Early voting

Campaigning for the November 2022 passage of an early voting amendment to the state constitution is only the first step. Once the amendment passes, the hard work begins. As Secretary of the State, Matt will: 

  • Use the relationships that he has built over the past decade with town clerks, registrars of voters, and legislative colleagues and make sure that everyone has a seat at the table.

  • Push for cities and towns to get the funding they need to make early voting equally accessible for all voters. 

  • Focus efforts to have early voting implemented for the 2024 election. 

Connecticut Voting Rights Act

Because we can’t wait for the federal government to act on voting rights, Matt partnered with grassroots groups and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to introduce a comprehensive Connecticut Voting Rights Act.  

The CT Voting Rights Act will:

  • Create strong protections against voter intimidation, deception, or obstruction

  • Require Connecticut to provide election information in languages other than English

  • Launch a “preclearance” program requiring local governments with a record of discrimination to prove that certain voting changes won’t harm voters of color before they can go into effect.

Expanding voter access

As Secretary of the State, Matt will propose legislation to expand voter access, including:

  • Lowering the voter registration age to 16 as part of a robust civics education curriculum. 

  • Moving swiftly to implement automatic voter registration by using the relationships that he has built with the Department of Social Services as Vice Chair of the Human Services committee. 

  • Expand online voter registration to the extent allowed by federal law.

  • Explore implementing technology to allow for ballots to be printed in multiple languages and greatly expand the public facing communications of the Secretary of the State's office, particularly those focused on non-English speaking communities.

No-excuse absentee voting

As Secretary of the State, Matt will use his voice to push for the passage of the no-excuse absentee voting resolution in the next legislative session and then for voter approval in November 2024. 

Improving the business experience

People who want to start a business in Connecticut should have a true one-stop shop. As head of the first-touch agency for anyone looking to start a business in Connecticut, Matt will:

  • Use his experience working across state agencies to push for a streamlined process focused on the end-user experience

  • Engage business owners themselves to understand their frustrations and how the system can be improved so that people want to start businesses in Connecticut.

Fighting special interests

As chair of the Banking Committee, Matt shifted the committee's priorities to tackle wage theft and other critical economic justice issues. As chair of the Insurance Committee, Matt has taken on the most powerful special interest in the state - the Insurance Industry - to champion a public option for families, small businesses and labor unions.

As Secretary of the State, Matt will:

  • Work with economists at UConn to analyze the data collected by the commercial/recording division to see who is starting - and closing - businesses in the state. 

  • Use the data to support and promote policies that grow the middle class and keep small businesses in Connecticut

  • Look into how business registration data can be used to track banned contractors who create new LLCs and promote legislations to prevent that practice.