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Making your vote count

 In 2020, every Connecticut voter is eligible to vote safely with an absentee ballot! If you need help, please call Matt's campaign at 860-969-1803.

You should have already received an absentee ballot application in the mail. Fill out the application (one for each voter in your household) and return it via the postage paid envelope or to the secure dropbox at your town hall as soon as possible. Every voter can chose COVID-19 as their reason for requesting an absentee ballot. 

Starting in early October, if you request an absentee ballot you'll receive it in the mail from your town clerk's office. Each voter must use the absentee ballot addressed to them! Follow the instructions:

  1.  Fill out your ballot. Be sure to vote for Matt Lesser on Row 3A! 

  2.  Put the ballot in the inner envelope, seal the envelope, and sign and date the outside. 

  3. Put the inner envelope into the outer envelope, and seal it. The ballot, inner envelope, and outer envelope must all be the one addressed to each voter. 

  4. To return your ballot, drop it in the mail by October 20th to give it time to arrive, or drop it in the secure dropbox outside town hall! 

Please call Matt's campaign at 860-969-1803 with any questions!